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Wang Tiande
Hou Shan HLX OT31,32,33,34

Bast Paper, Ink, Burned Mark
256 x 99cm


A scenic panel of four connecting pieces expands into a vast valley of thought. The artist Wang Tiande declares his adoration of time by presenting layers of multiple visions. He is mesmerised by the sacred notion of ever-present time and leaves his mark by burning continuous devotion into the papers of his work.

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    Born in 1960 in China, Wang Tiande is one of the most significant and innovative calligraphers of present times, internationally renowned for his revolutionary takes on traditional Chinese art. A graduate of the Chinese Painting Department at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1988, the artist is now dean and professor at the Art and Design Department of the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai. Characteristically using incense sticks to burn symbols, which resemble Chinese characters, onto rice paper, Wang Tiande’s work has been collected by the British Museum, London, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Shanghai Museum of Art, Guangdong Art Museum, Shenzhen Art Museum and JP Morgan Bank.  Read More

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