Xie Ai Ge

Tree - Climb
Bronze, 122 x 26 x 61 cm

USD 13,300 – 19,000


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About the artwork

Born of natural harmonies and spiritual commune, Xie Ai Ge’s ‘Climb’ symbolizes man’s eternal journey towards freedom, as he climbs the path of spiritual attainment. Using her signature symbol of a bird to depict metaphysical completeness and freedom of being, the distance between the climber and the bird is representative of the space man has created between his worldly consciousness and transcendent enlightenment. His gestural reaching out resonates universally with the intrinsic yearning of humanity to be freed of their earthly binds and to find solace in the attainment of mental and spiritual freedom.

About the artist

Born in Hunan province in 1977, Xie Ai Ge made her name in the international art world with a host of remarkable works in bronze and synthetic materials. Graduated from the Shanghai Fine Arts College, she was recognized early as a promising young sculptor and in 2005, was acclaimed by art critics for her innovative work during her exhibition in the Shanghai Duolon Museum of Modern Art. The artist has progressed to exhibit globally with a focus on China and the US, where her works are part of many prestigious collections. Xie Ai Ge currently lives and works in Shanghai, China. 

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