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Andrey Smirnov
LP - ( TP ) Breath of Gold

Oil on Canvas
110 x 80cm

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Alternating between sharp control and blended spontaneity, the Russian artist is in his element with his medium. He maintains a distinctive use of colour and form that brings to mind the pale colour palettes of classical canons while maintaining a contemporary tangent that defies the framework of representational portraiture. With a strong concept, the artist imbues his characters with quiet authority and fearless confidence. Yet, they exude a demure personality as well - an appealing blend of femininity. The result is a transfixing image that allows the viewer to explore every feature and attribute - glimpsing perfection amidst figurative expression.

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    Born in 1960, Andrei attended Theatrical School before being accepted at the Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg in 1988, graduating with an Honours degree in Fine Art in 1994. Elected a member of the Russian Union of Artists in 1997, he has exhibited widely in Russia with his work on display at the Union gallery since 2003. He has held well-received solo exhibitions in Russia, France, Italy and shown extensively in Germany, Monaco and Belgium. 
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