Kang Duk Bong

PVC Pipe ,Urethane Paint, 71 x 30 x 74 cm

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About the artwork

Korean artist Kang Duk Bong is renowned for his sculptures consisting of PVC pipes covered in a thick shell of urethane paint, which are each painted a different hue to bring about an extraordinary effect. In this sculpture, a man is shown to be sprinting at top speed, with the artist’s skilful technique causing him to appear blurred and perpetually in motion. This captivating work exemplifies the dynamism of movement, creating invigorating tension that stimulates the viewer’s imagination.

About the artist

Kang Duk Bong, born in 1979 in South Korea, graduated from the Department of Sculpture in the University of Seoul, South Korea. Kang is renowned for his sculptures which look as though they are in motion. He makes use of PVC pipes covered with a thick shell of urethane paint in his sculptures, each pipe is painted a different hue to bring about an extraordinary effect. The process creates incredible movement, figures appearing blurred and perpetually in motion with multiple colours combining to create a unique blurred effect. Kang aims to deal with human relationships and communication in his art. According to Kang, holes ignite curiosity within people because, regardless of age or gender, one always wonders what is on the other side of them. He believes that we should be just as curious about what is on another person's mind. In his opinion, the rise of social networks has decreased the amount of concrete and genuine personal conversation.The holes also represent the void within ourselves that we helplessly try to fill.

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