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Liang Zi
Previously A Forest No. 6, 2012

Oil on Canvas
200 x 150cm

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  • +Artist Bio

    Liang Zi was born in Xi'an, Shanxi Province, China in 1980. He represents tree stumps with bare, sawn-off branches against a pure white background in his paintings. Zi has an impeccable ability to replicate onto canvas the most intricate details visible on the bark of the tree as well as tree rings. His paintings reaches a level of hyper-realism with the precision of his colour tones and brush strokes.

    In his paintings, tree stumps are gnarled and barren, building up a feeling of harsh winter; at the same time, Zi is able to maintain the inner warmth and life of the tree, making it seem complete often even without the branches. This represents the gradual isolation and insulation of modern man from family and society in a world of rapid, impersonal communication, symbolized by the loss of tree branches that create a canopy of interconnected relationships.

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  • +Exhibitions

    "The Scene" Gu Liang's Solo Exhibition , Dafeng Gallery . Beijing.

    " Entropy• Landscape " Gu Liang's Solo Exhibition , The Liberty Village Gallery . Beijing.

    Collective Exhibitions

    "Literature Exhibition of Black and White Realism 2 " Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing.
    "AHAF HK 2011" Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair,Hong Kong.

    "2010 Art China Exhibition" Huan Tie Times ART,Beijing.
    "Exquisite Tower" Art Exhibition, Duffy Gallery, Kunming.
    "Unrelated" Art Exhibition, Found Museum, Beijing.
    "On The Way Midway" Art Exhibition,Huan Tie Times ART,Beijing.
    "ART 2010" Art Exhibition, The Liberty Village Gallery, Beijing.

    "Contemporary Art Show", Link Art Space. Shanghai.

    "Spring Salon Show", Shanghai.
    "Affordable Art Exhibition", Melbourne,Australia.
    "Art Coffee Exhibition", Shionoe Gallery, Japan.
    "Contemporary Art Show (Autumn) ", Super Brand Mall, Shanghai.

    "Biennial Exhibition of Shanghai Artist Village", Shanghai.

    "Anniversary Exhibition of Shanghai Artist Village", Shanghai.
    "Vogue Art Exhibition", CITIC Fashion Salon, Shanghai.
    "Dong Yi Cup Landscape Exhibition", Xi'an.

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