Mariposa Requeno (Butterfly Requeno)
Fiber Resin, 34 x 30 x 16 cm

USD 2,100

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About the artwork

Juan Ripolles makes use of bronze, fibreglass, resin, marble, and iron to conjure a unique perception of his context - gradually heating and moulding the materials over a slow flame. The precious Murano glass is one of the materials Ripolles uses, shaping sculptures out of it. Ripolles has a symmetrical relationship with this art, between the extreme sensitivity of the author of curves and forms and the hostile resistance of the material to his subtle denomination and reflective mastering. He makes use of Mediterranean colours, painting his works in a theatrical manner to bring about figurative abstraction and surrealism exclusive to Ripolles.

About the artist

One of Spain's finest and most renowned artists, Juan Ripoll├ęs was born in September 1932 in Castell├│n, Valencia, where he currently lives and works. Overcoming a traumatic childhood and troubled youth, the artist eventually rose to immense success, his artistic style often compared to that of the iconic Pablo Picasso. A critically acclaimed sculptor and painter, the artist has won numerous awards for his distinctive works and has exhibited extensively all over the globe, from all over Europe to a multitude of cities in Asia and the USA. The artist is currently one of the most prominent figures in modern contemporary art.

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