Christian Pendelio

On A World-Flower
Oil on Canvas, 81 x 65 cm

USD 3,500

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About the artwork

A symbolistic depiction of a simple lifestyle in a small world that is fragile and delicate as a flower, but still provides hope, happiness and love to all. A poetry lived within a painting that combines surrealism to contemporary symbolism in order to bring warmth to the heart of each observer. “On a world flower...a little world, a Mother and child, a male; maybe it is our world... I see it as a representation of our planet - fragile, but beautiful, strong, but balancing like a heavy flower head on a flower stem. Maybe at the end the most important aim in life is to balance fragility of a stem that holds a heavy planet - who knows?”

Christian Pendelio, 2018

About the artist

Self-taught artist Christian Pendelio was born in 1967 in Toulouse, France and began his artistic career in comic strips and water colors. His artworks are now presented in Art Gallery particularly in Asia, Hong kong & Singapore since 1994. Christian is famous in turning his canvas into a Magical World of Fairy Tale. He likes to provide a base for the viewer's imagination to expand upon. A stepping stone for us to develop our own story based on our past, present and even our dreams. His artworks has the power to take us into other places and to plumb the depths of our most hidden dreams. Most of his subjects are riding on something in search of love, faith & hope.  He paints the scenery into an imagery of love and voyage spiced with witty allegories. The dreamy fairyland and stylized characters intrigue viewers to waves of thoughts. Whimsical and playful, Christian's paintings give a sense of humor and an intriguing after-taste. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries since 1994, and are now in private collections in many places around the world. They can be seen in art galleries, especially in Asia, Hong-Kong, Singapore and in France.

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