David Begbie

Torsu I, 2010
Steel Mesh, 63 x 17 x 24 cm

USD 8,200

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About the artwork

David Begbie's work captures the very essence of human body, celebrating human nature in its most elaborate perfection. His work resembles Greek sculptures in its mastery of proportions, in the finesse of musculature and aesthetic completeness of human form. Through the use of steel mesh, the artist creates a dialogue between material and immaterial, playing with negative space and shadows to give the sculptures its uniqueness: powerful yet fragile and sensual.

About the artist

Born in Edinburgh in 1955, David Begbie has shared his unique vision in numerous exhibitions across the world, including Italy, France, Monoco, Canada, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, USA, Australia, Japan and Spain. His robust and deceptive sculptures are created by David coaxing the figures from steel mesh with his own hands, creating a dual aesthetic with shadows and light. Globally acclaimed, the artist’s works are found in a multitude of prestigious museum collections and public art installations around the world and have also been commissioned for various established corporations.  

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