Ling Yang Chang

CSS-142 ARTRA Warehouse, 2015
Chinese Ink on Paper, 68 x 68 cm

USD 2,800 – 3,900


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About the artwork

A bright blue sky makes the backdrop for this simple, homely painting. A tree in full bloom with golden flowers stands out against this brilliant sky. It is partially hidden by a building painted in greys, blacks and whites, making it stand out all the more. Two people are seen carrying their wares to a truck that awaits in front of the building, while traffic drives past this serene scene. Ling Yang Chang combines traditional Chinese techniques with Western minimalism, simplifying his subject matter to their bare basics. By limiting himself so, he can truly capture the intricate beauties of scenes such as this, approaching them with sincerity and sensitivity.

About the artist

Born in Singapore, Ling Yang Chang has been involved in many aspects of art-making over the last twenty years: artistic creations, group and solo exhibitions, workshops, public lectures and art teaching. As a graduate in Chinese Studies, Yang Chang has a natural affinity for Chinese brush painting with its close attention to the beauty of lines, poetic resonance and philosophical depth. In this medium, Yang Chang constitutes a complete artist in the Chinese scholarly tradition; not only does he carve his own seals, he also appends his artistic creations with his own calligraphical writings. The steely discipline required to establish a solid brush and ink control technique has built a strong foundation for Yang Chang's exploration of other artistic fields - namely, Contemporary Chinese Art and Modern and Abstract Painting. Yang Chang's works have obtained prizes in the Philippe Charriol Competition (1995/96), UOB Painting of the Year Award (1996), and First Prize (Chinese Ink Painting) in the Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award (2011). Collected by the National Heritage Board and National Library Board of Singapore, he has exhibited in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Melbourne and Singapore. A Walk in the City is his sixth solo exhibition.

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