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Lim Tze Peng
L2竹里馆 - 王维 - The Bamboo Lodge by Wang Wei

Ink on Rice Paper
103 x 103cm


Lim Tze Peng breaks from the traditional form of Chinese calligraphy to create new dimensions of free expression. In this piece, he fuses different strokes - bold yet gentle - constructing sturdiness and elegance in the fluidity of his strokes. Lim likes to layer the rice papers when painting thus producing ink stains on the papers below; this gives the artwork distinctive texture and character. This combination of ink stain and calligraphy results in his iconic abstract ‘hutuzi’ also known as muddled writing. In this piece, Lim reinterprets the poem 竹里馆 or The Bamboo Lodge by Wang Wei - a famous Tang Dynasty poet, musician, painter and official. The entire poem reads: “独坐幽篁里, 弹琴复长啸;深林人不知, 明月来相照.” This translates to –“Seated alone in the remote bamboo grove, I strum the lute and sing aloud. Deep in the woods, no one knows I exist, only the bright moon shines its light upon me.”

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