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Cao Xiao Dong
Red Star Over China No.16

Oil on Canvas
180 x 180cm

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  • +Artist Bio

     Born in 1961 in Jiangsu province, China, Cao Xiao Dong lives and works in Beijing. He graduated from Industry Design College at Jiangnan University in 1982. In 1991, he launched the "Art Currents" magazine and published a series of books in the "Culture and Art Forum". Spanning from abstract to his latest figurative works of digital maneuvering and extensive manual pursuit, Cao Xiao Dong combines, seemingly without effort, the most modern method of image creation and the most traditional. His painted pictures resemble old news photos, but like China’s ancient philosopher-artists, he controls his brushstrokes with care, shuns dramatic colors and contrasts, and deletes all traces of self. Read More

  • +Exhibitions

    Art Stage Singapore, SingaporeEagle and Chicks, Shi Yi Hotel, Beijing, China

    History and Future, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, ChinaCao Xiaodong, Xie Hongjun Paintings Exhibition,EGG Gallery, Beijing, ChinaVisible Soul – The Fouth Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition, PIFO New Art Studios, Beijing, China

    Quotations from 7 Xi, LDX Art Center, Beijing, ChinaTrace, Time Museum, Beijing, ChinaLink, Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai, ChinaThe 25th Asia International Art Exhibition, Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaHeteromery 39° - Contemporary Art Exhbition, Song Zhuang Art Center, Beijing, ChinaThe Big Bang, White Rabbit Gallery, AustraliaSojouring in Songzhuang – A Contemporary Artist Group Exhibition, Art Gallery, Beijing, ChinaNature? Contemporary Art Exhibition, LDXContemporary Art Center, Beijing, ChinaEGG Gallery Oil Painting Exhibition, EGG Gallery, Beijing, ChinaThe Marks – Contemporary Artists Group Exhibitions, Times Arts Museum, Beijing, China

    Stars of China - Past and Present, Museum Jan van der Togt, Rotterdam, The NetherlandsChinese Scene, Chongqing Station, Chongqing, ChinaCaoxiaodong abstract, Egg Gallery, Beijing, China (solo)Beijing 798 Biennale, Beijing, ChinaAttitude, LDX Art Center, Beijing, ChinaContemporary Art Center, Beijing, ChinaCao Xiaodong Solo Exhibition, EGG Gallery, Beijing, ChinaNothing, Genssun Gallery, Beijing, China

    Ode Gallery, Singapore, China (solo)Wellington Gallery, Hongkong, China (solo)Abstract, Beijing, ChinaSave As: Contemporary Chinese Art Born of Ancient Traditions, ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries, Coral Gables (Miami), Florida

    It's Mean, Beijing, ChinaPredicament, Shanghai, ChinaSunshine, Beijing, ChinaRotation, Qinghe Museum, Nanjing, China

    Abstract 798, Beijing, ChinaArt No Boundary,Beijing, ChinaDocumental Exhibition of China Mordern Art, The China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China

    Jianghu Art, Beijing, China

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