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Koeh Sia Yong
China Street Singapore, 1994

Oil on Canvas
68 x 58cm

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In a captivating oil detail of one of Singapore’s most iconic streets, Koh Sia Yong presents China Street caught in the gentle throes of a sun shower, using colors and painterly strokes to bring out the inherent aesthetics of this commonplace occurrence. Placed in an era precedent to Singapore’s current China Street, the artist captures both aesthetic and ambient detail with stunning ease, juxtaposing colors such as purple and yellow, red and green, and hues or orange to create a vibrant and yet, refined visual effect. Balancing the effects of light reflected on the glistening streets, the artist shows mastery over his medium, while also resonating with the emotional sensibilities of the viewer- creating a lonely picture that is not desolate, but serene and almost meditative in both its significance and simplicity of solitude.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in 1938 and having graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Koh Sia Yong has been an illustrator and artist for over fifty years. Known for his unique artistic style and excellent painting techniques, he is one of the most outstanding and highly collected artists in Singapore today. His work is highly exhibited and he is involved in the commercial development of art through magazines, art catalogues, political cartoons and such. The artist is most known for his oil painting depictions of rich culture scenes of Southeast Asia through bold and unrestrained brushstrokes. Read More

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