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About the artwork

In his work titled “Moonshine 2”, Lee Jae Sam depicts a natural forest of bamboos at night, glowing under the moonlight. Representing such forest in this particular setting enables the artist to plays with the quality of dim night-light and creates mysterious atmospheres. The darkness of the background tends to emphasize the details of each leave, appearing like glowing in the dark night: the black and grey shades, often symbolizing gloom, fear, mystery, as well as secret, sorrow, superstition, are broken by white leaves and trunks, light sources symbolizing hope and guidance into the night.

About the artist

Lee Jae Sam (b.1960) from Korea graduated from Gangnung National University in Korea with a degree in Fine Arts (1984) and later pursued a Master's degree at Hongik University in Korea (1989). A true artist at heart, he believes that a painting is an endless journey of confession and monologue. His renowned charcoal-on-canvas works use charcoal to reflect his moral self-consciousness, which is his idea of returning to the very fundamentals of painting. The charcoal texture in his works absorbs all the light around it, bringing out its richness and depth, and revealing the layers of colour held within. Lee calls his charcoal 'black jelly' because the monotones of charcoal do in fact contain various colours on the inside. Emanating stillness and serenity, the darkness from the images of his works often brings about an air of cleansing calm to those who view it, and a quiet energy of balance.

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