Jung Kwang Sik

Grandeur, 2012
Black Granite,Acrylic, 60 x 3 x 90 cm

USD 10,700

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About the artwork

In this sculpture, Jung Kwang Sik sculpts onto the granite the landscape of a rainforest. The grinding done on the granite block follows two different directions, which can be clearly seen when one walks from the right to the left, and vice versa, of the sculpture. The black granite is painted green to bring out the lushness of the forest. Because of its innate grainy characteristic, it is able to absorb the green colour at different levels resulting in the variety of hues seen on this piece, further enhancing its richness. The art is finished off by painting three small houses at the bottom of the sculpture, painting the trademark hexagonal shapes. The houses are strategically placed amidst the plush forest to remind his audience of the magnificence of nature in comparison to humans - emphasizing on the fact that no matter how much humans succeed and grow, when seen from an aerial perspective, our significance is minuscule compared to the grandeur and majesty of our surroundings. The house is also reflective of the artist's personal desire to live a quiet, remote, and peaceful life alongside nature.

About the artist

Internationally recognized for his masterful fusion of painting and sculpture, South Korean artist Jung Kwang Sik graduated in 1992 with a Stage Design major from Carrara Academy, Italy, later receiving his BFA from Hong-lk University in 1996. Utilizing beds of carved and scratched granite, which he then paints, his works suggest sweeping landscapes viewed from an aerial perspective. His exceptional skill of carving, scratching and painting creates a vision of landscapes as one might see them from 30,000 feet, materialized in trails of crustal movements, the swelling and contraction of the earth, and the etched beauty of erosion. The resulting visual field is majestic and unforgettable.

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