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Lim Tze Peng
Morning Markets LP

Ink on Paper
200 x 228cm


The monochromatic images of that Lim Tze Peng depicts in ink, while similar to his other pieces in terms of subject matter and tones of nostalgia, are distinctive in their exemplary technical skill. The creation of an image by eliminating negative space and maintaining an aura of completion demonstrates true control over one’s medium. In “Morning Markets,” Lim Tze Peng, there is a sense of poignancy and transparency which permeates the scenes of days gone by. Streaking the sky with ephemeral strokes of darkness, the artist brings about the air of a grey dawn, and the already bustling market below it. From the patterns of traditional houses to the clothes that are strung outside them, from the hawkers in their simple garb to the depiction of the goods they are selling - Lim Tze Peng captures the commonplace and renders it an invaluable memory. Although the actual place is lost in time, it is captured for a transient moment in soul-stirring simplicity.

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