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Lim Tze Peng
Bustling Streets of Chinatown

Ink on Paper
200 x 235cm


Warm tones of sunlight are captured, illuminating the sepia hues of the roofs of houses. Coupled with the vibrant pinks and greens of shutters, the life contained within is deftly presented - showcasing the artist’s ability to depict both multitudes and the individual in the same scene. Lim Tze Peng presents a picture that encompasses the past and enlivens it with glimpses of life and motion. Intricate strokes derived from calligraphy and the use of classic ink wash imbue the image with gradients and tones that exude emotion. He depicts bustling streets thronged with hawkers and passers-by. The awnings and facades of houses are infused with detail and the entire image opens up into a birds-eye view of the Singapore of the past.The large-scale painting is testament to the far-ranging vision of the artist and his meticulous skill that merges with emotion in flowing strokes of ink.

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