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Lim Tze Peng
Calligraphy BD

Ink on Paper
100 x 100cm


Lim Tze Peng employs thick and expressive strokes for his calligraphic writing. Being largely self-taught, Lim first learnt and refined his techniques by by taking influence from the works of master calligraphers. His painting expeditions with artists such as Cheng Chong Swee also aided in the evolution of his practice. With broad saturated strokes that meld and blend into each other, this untitled work is a hallmark of Tze Peng’s total transition into abstraction. The characters are unabashed in their lacking of meaning and now take the centre stage as the painting itself. The starkness adds to the power contained in the strokes and further highlights them as the centre of focus. This work is also likened to the appearance of a Chinese seal, a trait that can be seen in his other abstract calligraphy works as well. Despite the decidedly Chinese medium being depicted as a Western abstraction, Tze Peng’s core is in his roots: the line remains a craft.

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