Mauro Perucchetti

Pow (Slab Desk Top) Turquoise
Painted Resin,Stainless Steel on Acrylic Panel, 36 x 13 x 31 cm

USD 5,800 – 8,200


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About the artwork

In the true spirit of Pop, Peruchetti often aestheicizes unconventional items. However, instead of the pedantry, the artist often chooses to aesthecize deadly forms as a channel of scathing commentary. Pow, for example, may appear at first glance as an elegant scent bottle encased in hued glass. It is only when one looks more closely that one realizes these are not scent bottles but representations of hand grenades. The commentary he places, therefore, is tacit and yet, powerful.

About the artist

Mauro Perucchetti was born on 1 January 1949 in Milan, Italy. A pioneer in the field of resin, Mauro matches social critique with Pop aesthetics and art that demonstrates his astonishing technical skill, style and wit. Currently based in London, the artist has achieved immense international acclaim in recent years with a range of solo and group shows around the world, including London, Paris, Oslo, Vienna and Miami. Some of Mauro‚Äôs significant public installations include his Jelly Babies installation at Marble Arch, London, and prominent placement in front of the Palace du Louvre during FIAC 2012. 

A video of the set-up of the Jelly Babies installation at Marble Arch can be viewed here: 

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