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Jiang Miao
Lady series no 9 女孩系列之9

90 x 90cm

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Chinese artist Jiang Miao specializes in contemporary woodblock printmaking, and her works often explore her personal experiences as a female artist in Beijing. This piece features a monochromatic colour palette, an attempt by Jiang to filter and restore order amidst a complicated and colourful reality. A group of females are shown to be huddling together, with the two women in the foreground clasping their hands together. Gazing towards each other, they share a knowing glance and enigmatic smiles, acknowledging a shared secret that we the viewers are not privy to. Through her nuanced technique, Jiang is adept in observing and depicting the emotions and intelligence of her female peers who grew up alongside her in modern society

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in Jilin, China, in 1981, Jiang Miao is a diverse artist specializing in contemporary Woodblock Printmaking. She studied at the Printmaking Department in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. There she earned her B.F. A. in 2005 and M.F.A.  in 2009 with a major in Woodblock Printmaking.  An award-winning artist, Jiang Miao expresses her personal experiences as a female artist in Beijing. Jiang Mao prefers this black-and-white woodcut method because of her observation of surrounding people and objects, her deep understanding of the complex and difficult communication problems that arise between self and others, and the use of the cutting lines to match the psychological movements of the mind. Her works were chosen for a joint exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Macau. Widely exhibited, her works have also been shown alongside many renowned Chinese artists such as Xu Baozhong, Xu Bing, Zhou Danmei and Zhuang Hui.

    Born in Jilin in 1981 and currently living in Beijing
    2005  Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department and acquired a B.A. Degree
    2009  Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department and acquired a Master's Degree  Read More

  • +Exhibitions

    Born in Jilin in 1981 and currently living in Beijing 
    2005  Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department and acquired a B.A. Degree 
    2009  Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department and acquired a Master's Degree 


    2017     “梦秀”后时代艺术节 姜淼个人作品展, 阶梯美术馆, 中国北京 
    2016     "中国在场 “2017海南国际当代艺术大展, 海博会, 中国三亚
    2016    <扫一扫>当代艺术2016~2017跨年展, 山水美术馆, 中国北京 
    2016     “控梦术”展览, 798 陌上画廊, 中国北京 
    2015  “气韵生动”中国当代艺术邀请展, 安溪文庙, 中国福建 
    2013    抱虎下山---王华祥师生联展, 久画廊, 中国北京 
    2013    四方佳人---中外版画四人展, 千禧雅画廊, 中国湖北 
    2013   “印痕”姜淼个人艺术展, 武汉钻石艺术博物馆, 中国湖北 
    2013  "Mark" Jiang Miao personal art exhibition, Wuhan Diamond Museum of Art, China Hu Bei   
    2013  VI SPLITGRAPHIC 2013 International Graphic Art Biennial 2013 CALL FOR ENTRY & APPLICATIONS, 克罗地亚 
    2013   VI SPLITGRAPHIC 2013 International Graphic Art Biennial 2013 CALL FOR ENTRY & APPLICATIONS, Croatia   
    2013   "Global print 2013", 阿尔加维, 葡萄牙 
    2013   "Global print 2013", Al Garway of Portugal   
    2012    《假如明天来临》版画邀请展, 虚苑美术馆, 中国北京 
    2012    Printmaking Invitational Exhibition, Xu Yuan Art gallery, China ,Bei Jing 
    2011    中国青年版画展, 今日美术馆, 中国北京 
    2011    Chinese Youth Prints Exhibition, TODAY ART MUSEUM, China Bei Jing   
    2011    磴明万荷美术馆邀请展, 万荷美术馆 , 中国北京 
    2011    Deng Ming Wan He Art Museum Invitational Exhibition ,Wan He Art Museum, China Bei Jing 
    2011    第二届中国当代版画学术展——版画 概念, 今日美术馆 , 中国北京 
    2011    The second session of Chinese Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition -- academic concept of prints, TODAY ART MUSEUM, China Bei Jing     
    2010    “独白”姜淼个人作品展 , 东方基金会, 中国澳门 
    2010    " Monologue " Jiang Miao 's Works Exhibition, Orient Foundation, China Macao     
    2010    日本东都美术馆第36届AJAC展, 横滨神奈川县民会馆, 日本横滨 
    2010   The 36th AJAC Exhibition of Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum,Yokohama Kanagawa County Hall, Yokohama Japan   
    2009    日本东都美术馆第35届AJAC展, 日本东京美术馆, 日本东京 
    2009   The 35th AJAC Exhibition of Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum,Tokyo Gallery,  Tokyo   
    2009   “双相的维度”当代年轻艺术家群展, 新时代画廊, 中国北京
    2009   “The Dimensions of Double Images” Group Exhibition of Contemporary Young Artists” New Age Gallery, Beijing, China   
    2009    “姜淼个人作品展”, 艺·凯旋艺术空间, 中国北京 
    2009    "Jiang Miao Solo Exhibition", Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China   
    2009    “萌动”中澳版画交流展 , 全艺社, 中国北京 
    2009    "Sprout", Exchange Exhibition of Chinese and Australian Printmaking, Beijing, China   
    2008    “实践的力量”第二届中国当代版画文献展   5月中国南京博物院, 7月中国北京798雅之林BUT画廊 
    2008    May, "Power of Practice", the 2nd Literature Exhibition of Contemporary, Chinese Printmaking at Nanjing Museum, China. July, at 798 BUT Gallery in Beijing, China   
    2007    “段落”空间收藏展, 中国北京 
    2007  "Paragraphs", Space Collection Exhibition, Beijing, China   
    2006    “中国当代艺术大展” , 中国美术馆, 中国北京 
    2006  "Contemporary Chinese Art" at National Art Museum of China, Beijing   
    2006     澳门“移动的城堡”展览, 牛房仓库空间, 中国澳门 
    2006  "Moving Castle" at Ox Warehouse in Macao   
    2006     “Made in China”展览, 德国柏林 
    2006  "Made in China" Exhibition in Berlin, Germany    
    2005     “学院之光”银奖, 中央美院展厅, 中国北京 
    2005   Silver Award in "Academy Light" Exhibition at China Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China   
    2005      第十七届全国版画作品展, 贵阳美术馆, 中国贵阳 
    2005   The 17th National Printmaking Exhibition at Guiyang Art Gallary, Guiyang, China   
    2005      澳门艺术博物馆交流展览 , 中国澳门 
    2005  Exchange Exhibition at Macao Museum of Art, Macao  
    2005      “黑白木刻双人展” , 中央美院通道画廊, 中国北京 
    2005  "Dual Exhibition of Black-and-White Woodcarving" at Corridor Gallery of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China   
    2005      保加利亚国际版画双年展, 保加利亚美术馆, 保加利亚 
    2005  International Printmaking Biennial at Bulgaria Art Gallery, Bulgaria   
    2004      日本韩国釜山国际版画双年展 , 韩国 釜山 
    2004  International Printmaking Biennial, Japan and Busan in South Korea       
    收藏  中央美术学院   澳门博物馆   贵阳美术馆   南京博物院  澳门东方基金会 今日美术馆 

    Works Collected by: 
    China Central Academy of Fine Arts;  Macao Art Museum; Guiyang Art Gallary; Nanjing Museum;Orient Foundation;TODAY ART MUSEUM     

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