Fung Ming Chip

金也空, Landscape Script
Ink on Paper, 93 x 93 cm

USD 11,100

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About the artwork

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About the artist

Fung Ming Chip (b. 1951, Guangdong, China) is a Hong Kong-based artist who is active as a painter, photographer, playwright, sculptor and poet. He was raised in Hong Kong and moved to New York in 1977. Since 1986, he was shuttling between New York, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and finally settled down in Hong Kong in 2006. Fung is a self-taught artist rooted in Chinese tradition, training, and discipline. He is dedicated to innovation and explorations of continuity and transformation. For Fung, calligraphy - an art of time, space, and movement - is closer to music and dance than to Chinese literature. The structure of the character becomes the choreography for his brush. Aside from his many international exhibitions, Fung's work is also included in major private and institutional collections around the world, such as Ashmolean Museum (Oxford University, England), Hong Kong Museum of Art (China), Israel Museum (Israel), Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA) and the White Rabbit Collection (Australia).  

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