Huang Yan

Body Shan Shui
Print Photo, 150 x 120 cm

USD 5,500 – 7,900

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About the artist

Huang Yan (Chinese, born in 1966) combines painting, photography, and sculpture to explore modes of narrative and landscape, as well as other traditional forms of artistic representation in contemporary China. Born in Jilin Province, Huang studied at the Changchun Normal Academy and moved to Beijing in 1987. In his sculpted, painted and photographed works, pigment and pattern obscure a wide range of materials from meat to busts of Mao Zedong and even human skin. In several series, he evokes the traditional art of Chinese landscape painting with a contemporary twist - he photographs faces, backs, and entire bodies covered with landscape attributes that have been painted or tattooed onto their skin. Huang melds historical Chinese culture with new art forms, alluding to the body and performance art of the Chinese avant-garde. He has exhibited his work in London, Chicago, New York, Beijing, Milan, Berne, Hong Kong, and other countries around the world, and currently lives and works in Beijing.

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