Lorenzo Quinn

What Goes Around Comes Around at Marina Barrage
, cm

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About the artwork

Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn dedicates his works to infinitude. Always present in his sculptures is the number eight or sign of infinity that symbolizes the constant harmony in which we should live - in perfect balance with the elements and ourselves. The medium of sculpture enables the artist represent infinity at a deeper level, particularly with the use of the sphere motif. It is a complete and perfect form representing eternity and perfection with no beginning or end. With this, the artist showcases perfect equilibrium and harmony of the universe in his creations. Viewers can engage in deep reflection and admire the lines which spread out across the surface, moving in and out of time.

About the artist

Lorenzo Quinn was born in Rome in 1966. Although he was raised in both the United States and Italy, it was in Italy where he discovered his love for art. Quinn can be described as a prodigy in the art world. Lorenzo's work is included in many impressive private collections throughout the world, which has lead to a prodigious amount of commissioned work. This includes being commissioned by the Vatican to sculpt the likeness of Saint Anthony. Many of Lorenzo's sculptures often featured the symbol that has become synonymous with Lorenzo's work - the human hand.  "The reason I sculpt the hand is because I need to communicate in a universal language, especially since I exhibit in five continents. The use of this hand language helps me achieve this, creating a dialogue." Lorenzo seeks inspiration for his sculptures from everyday life and believes art should not be merely decorative but have meaning; transmit emotions, as well as being aesthetically well-balanced.

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