Css-Quiet Lake
Oil on Canvas, 140 x 90 cm

USD 2,800 – 3,900


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About the artwork

Css 0033

About the artist

Lim Khim Katy was born in 1978 and is a Cambodian-Vietnamese artist from Ho Chi Minh City. Since graduation, Katy has received six prizes and certificates of merit for five separate paintings.

Her work is serene and composed yet emotionally powerful and engaging. She draws her inspiration from her life experiences and her interaction with the hardship and suffering of the striving middle class. But Katy does not allow grief to engulf her work. She gracefully introduces a hint of sorrow through the eyes of those she portrays. To her, eyes are the gateway to the soul. She allows texture, color, brush strokes, and even empty space to do all the talking. Her figurative works can be edgy and psychologically powerful with the subjects' eyes shedding light on their emotional state. Her landscapes are saturated with bold colors magnifying the intense heat of the tropics and the power of nature which compliments her often serene and melancholic portraits.

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