Tong Zhengang

Earthly 人间
Ink on Paper, 124 x 124 cm

USD 21,800

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About the artwork

Through extracting and purifying, Tong's paintings are converted to a new style. Form and content are undoubtedly allegories of leisure and happy life. He is bold enough to refuse logical things; he does not conform to the principle that all things should be recognizable in art. Things can be imaginative, randomly organized, edited and created in his perception. His works show the differences in class, space, reality; and the concepts and contents of these things are not steady. Tong re-edits all these things in daily life subjectively and displays to us through the relaxed grey tone.

About the artist

Tong Zhengang was born in Xinjiang, China in 1959. He studied at the China PLA Art Academy and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. His works were selected to be exhibited numerous times at the Moualot Lithoprint Factory and the Lithograph Museum in Paris. He also had solo exhibitions in the Barcelona Contemporary Museum of Art, Spain and in Hong Kong, and the American Embassy in Beijing.

Tong expresses his feelings and understanding of the value and meaning of everyday life by depicting the female in the appearance of portraits, or by placing females together with males in the same environment, so as to establish an interactive relationship between his personal view and the objective view of the male. In Tong's works there is the attainment of an ultimate goal of artistic creation: freedom from issues of harmony in aesthetics, the conversion of art directly into the spirit of human life, and from that into art. The purpose of Tong's works is to serve as criticism, in order to change of the inner mindsets of people. 


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