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Wang Shuping
Sound In Morning Mist 晨雾闻声

Chinese Ink on Paper
85 x 154cm


(A) Wang Shuping is celebrated for his freehand brushwork or landscapes, portraits, flowers and birds. Wang makes use of Chinese ink in his paintings, reflecting his whole-hearted embrace of life and attachment for nature. His style of painting is natural and vivid, giving his viewers a wholesome experience of coming in touch of sceneries that are often overlooked and gone unappreciated in rush of life. Wang makes use of pastel hues in his paintings and gives attention to details of his subject, resulting in a more realistic and surreal feel in his works.

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    Wang Shuping, a well-known traditional Chinese painter and a first-class national artist , who has a flair at freehand brushwork of landscape, portraits, flowers and birds. Born in Lingxian County, Shangdong Province in 1955, he was fascinated with fine arts in his childhood and started to learn painting earnestly at an early age. Over the past two decades his colourful and original works won him many gold prizes and first awards in domestic and international exhibitions and traditional Chinese painting contests and have been collected and kept in museums and art galleries at hoe and abroad. His eagle paintings are well known at home and abroad for their artistic originality and charm and have won him the honour of the 'Oriental King of Eagle'. The British Museum and many other first-class museums and art galleries in America, Germany, France, Japan and other parts of the world have collected and kept his works of eagles for permanent display. Read More

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