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Lim Tze Peng
LP Bumboats and Shophouses

Ink on Rice Paper
45 x 67cm


Prolific Singaporean artist Lim Tze Peng was committed to capturing scenes of Singapore’s unique culture and heritage, during a time when the country was beginning its rapid urbanisation. In this work, Lim depicts a line of bumboats being brought towards the banks of the river, where a number of shophouses line the street. Through his use of horizontal layering, depth is created in the work, while Lim also creates a curved line through the positioning of the bumboats, mimicking the natural flow of water, and drawing the viewer's eye towards the shophouses. The bumboats and shophouses have warm washes of colour, which brings life and vitality to the work, while the grey washes of the water and trees evoke notions of tranquility and peace. Using negative space as a border, Lim creates an atmospheric work that skillfully captures a fleeting moment in olden Singapore.

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