Dae Byu

How to move ice cream (monumental)
Aluminium, 230 cm

USD 135,000 – 192,800


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About the artwork

Korean artist Dae Byu is known for his captivating sculptures, which often features a family of polar bears, each carrying scoops of pastel coloured ice cream. Dreamlike aesthetics are characteristic of Byu’s works, in which his subjects appear to be three-dimensional representations of storybook or fairytale characters. The delicate and pastel colour palette connotes the gentleness and purity of the creatures, reinforced by the soft curves of their forms, which are sculpted to perfection. Through his playful imagery and benevolent oeuvre, Dae Byu explores significant issues in our current world, such as global warming and environmental destruction, and gently coaxes us into reexamining these issues.

About the artist

Byu is an excellent fable teller. His continuous "animal-human" motif is a metaphorical interpretation of modern society, that brings subjects that have been ignored or considered secondary into the foreground, and by doing so he expands the meaning of his visual language into reality. The meaning in his works of art are not predetermined or interpreted in one way, but their potential interpretations become abundant as the artist deals with the proposed issues in an approach to allow various experiences and interpretations based on the viewer's perception. Therefore, his fables are not just illustrating the pressing environmental crisis, but are also softly reminding us that we should take care of every corner of our life, and uphold the memory of animals and fauna that have vanished at the hands of our human actions.

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