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Kim So Hyoung
People (12- 9) , 2018

Acrylic on Canvas
61 x 46cm


Kim's tiny impastoed figures litter his canvas in a manner that is seemingly chaotic, with hundreds of colourful strokes making up a convoluted and striking pattern of lines and dots. But there is a unique synergy to each one of his works, where upon closer inspection each small figure has an individual presence in the painting and plays a part in making the work a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing whole. In this piece, the figures appear to move in waves, almost in line with one another in a maze-like pattern. Here, Kim's work is humbling as it reminds us of the smallness of human existence and forces us to confront our own individuality in relation to others.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Artist Statement
    People of different races have lived in this vast and immense universe on the small piece of dust called Earth. Since the beginning of time, they have fought each other to expand their territories and preserve their own kind. Humans will be continuously struggling to survive, taking care of their families, and wishing for happiness as they have always been. These humans, in other words, “people in this world,” are a major theme in my works.

    People in urban areas today repeatedly bump into and compete against each other. When you look at the way in which they move, you will see they behave in a regular, repetitive manner as if they were a part of a machine. Individuals form a group, and groups form a crowd. Seen from a distance, they look like a living organism made of one huge mass.

    The crowd may seem vibrant and colorful to the eye; however, on the other side of the coin, there are small, vulnerable people drowning in anxiety and solitude and feeling swept by the benefits of civilization. Individuals in such a colorful crowd! Lonely humans are no longer visible in the crowd when seen from a distance, which suggests the word “crowd” itself embodies the loss of individuality. My works explore how people face their lonely fate in modern times by focusing on the relationship between individuals and the crowd. Read More

  • +Exhibitions

    Solo Exhibition
     2017 PEOPLE-Waltz Toward Dream(Sangam) / oliviapark gallery
    2016 Art Seoul 2016 / Hangaram Art Museum / Seoul “People” / Gallery Mano / Seoul “People” / Yukyung Museum of Art / Geoje
    2015 “People” / Gallery Artspace H / Seoul “Toward the dream” / Gallery Artspace H / Seoul
    2013 “Space+Human“ Invitation Exhibition / Gallery We / Seoul 2012 “Kim,So Hyung - Looking Back” / Gallery We / Seoul “Voyage” Invitation Exhibition / Gallery We / Seoul
    2011 “We are the world” 20th Special Exhibition / JW MARRIOTT.SEOUL The 3rd Seoul Art Festival / Ritz Carlton Hotel / Seoul “Inner Space” Invitation Exhibition / Gallery We / Seoul
    2006 Dusan New Artist Festival Invitation Exhibition / Dusan Art Center / Daegu
    2005 “Kim So- Hyoung” Invitation Exhibition / Dodohun Gallery / Heyri “Circulation of Life” Invitation Exhibition / Ye Gallery / Seoul
    2004 Seoul International Women’s Art Fair / Hangaram Museum , Seoul Arts Center / Seoul
    2003 “Asked me” Exhibition / Kwanhoon Gallery/ Seoul

    Invitation Exhibitions, and the more than 150 times.
    KIAF, Korea Galleries Art Fair, Art Busan, Context Art Miami , Miami Scope, Switzerland Basel Scope, Bazar Art Jakarta , London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and so on. Many art fair in.

    2014 The 4 th JW YOUNG ART AWARD Special Selection / Gallery Artspace H 2011 The artist of the year / Gallery We
    2002 The 10th Gold Prize in Grand Art Exhibition of Fiber & plastic arts / Sejong Center for the Performing Arts
    2002 Special Selection in Dan-won Art Festival / Danwon Art Center, Ansan
    2001 Special Prize of Busan International Textile Design Fair / Busan Culture Hall
    2001 Selection of Seoul Textile Design Competition / Fiber Center

    Mass Communication
    2015 Art & Culture published in June
    2013 PUBLIC ART published in September
    2012 Korea Economic TV ‘Saturday reserved seat’ (Art talk to happiness)

    National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art(2015, 2016, 2017) Seoul Hospital, Hansarang Hospital, Hanvit Dentist, ST ONECHANG, Gallery We, Seo Gallery, Duru artspace Gallery, Ye Gallery Private collection majority and so on Present Hong-Ik Faber & Plastic Arts the committee, Hong-Ik Faber & Plastic Arts

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