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Lim Tze Peng
Abstract Calligraphy, 2018

Ink on Paper
150 x 210cm


This abstract calligraphy work draws comparison to Tze Peng’s unwavering appreciation for trees, but instead of meandering branches, he applies thick strokes of Chinese Calligraphic letters. The deep colours of the work allow the painting to take on a still life persona, as if we were looking at a vase of flowers on a centre table instead of cleverly placed Chinese characters. The hints of green at the edges further drive this image home, showing the artist’s meticulous addition of every element with a specific purpose to the overall image. This is yet another example of the artist’s ability to convert his calligraphy into visual images and the mastery he shows at this skill. The austere calligraphic word has become a creative instrument in his hands, with him morphing and curving his words until they bring to mind imaginative connotations instead.

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