Hong Zhu An

Living With Art
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About the artwork

Hong Zhu An's works exemplify the philosophy of transformation that has ceaselessly driven the artist forward; with the years of artistic ebb and flow running parallel to a life spent striving for calm transcendence, intersecting to form art that surpasses superficial measure and evokes sensibilities deep within one’s soul. The incited introspection, progressive devolution of meaning, and the timeless significance of its core philosophy presents the span of Hong Zhu An’s Art as a veritable study in the limits of human nature; cradling its frailty, celebrating its spirit, and exalting its undying strive for the sublime. Beginning first and foremost, of course, with the line.

About the artist

Chinese-born Hong Zhu An (b. 1955) is one of the finest artists in Singapore today. Trained under famous art scholar Wang Zidou at the Shanghai Art and Craft Institute, the artist is proficient in both Chinese and Western Art. Painting in acrylic and ink, his works exude a serenity and energy that calms the mind and offers insightful abstract interpretation alongside enchanting visuals. Constantly growing in both skill and prestige, he has exhibited his works in South East Asia, the USA and Australia and has received numerous accolades throughout his career, including the UOB Painting of the Year ‘Grand Award’. His works have been collected by major institutions such as the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Princeton University Museum in New York, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Singapore Art Museum. 

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