Yayoi Kusama

Morning is here B - Raisonne No 334 , 2004
Screenprint, 16 x 23 cm

USD 10,200 – 14,500


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About the artwork

A myriad of dots cover this work by Yayoi Kusama, creating a unique pattern on the coffee cup depicted in its centre. While polka dots were a motif taken from the artist’s hallucations she experienced since childhood, in this work their bright colours convey an uplifting atmosphere, reinforced by the warm yellow background. This is furthered by the imagery of a coffee cup, which is commonly seen as a symbol of morning, and of energy and renewal. In transforming these motifs into positive symbols associated with the fresh start of a day, Kusama creates a symbolic attempt to free herself of her mental vulnerability.// image size : 16x23 cm Sheet: 24x31cm screenprint Edition : 67/95 2004

About the artist

Yayoi Kusama was born 1929, in Matsumoto City and began painting at the age of 10, as a means of escaping a childhood of neglect and expressing her early experiences with hallucinogenic visions. She is best known for her works best known for her works featuring repeating motifs and psychedelic imagery that evoke themes of psychology, feminism, obsession, sex, creation, destruction, and intense self-reflection.

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