Liu Chun Hai

Riding on the Songs of Youth , 2017
Oil on Canvas, 150 x 120 cm

USD 13,400 – 19,200

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About the artwork

A girl plays her part as a drummer during the Cultural Revolution. She plays a song that she is obligated to play, strumming a mechanical beat that repeats as propagandist lyrics are sung along. The title of the work Riding on the Songs of Youth is ironic. She can never play the songs of youth, nor will she experience the freedom within youth. She can only play the songs that are assigned to her by the society she lives in as her best years get stolen away.

About the artist

Liu Chun Hai was born in Heilongjiang, China's most Northern province. Liu currently works as a professional painter and print-maker. He is married to Zhao Tianqi, who is also a successful print maker. Widely-exhibited in China and abroad, his works have been collected by both public institutions and private collectors around the world including ARD German Television, Freie University Berlin, Grain Import and Export Association Of France, Embassy of Greece, Embassy of the United States, Embassy of France, Gold Ion Group in Hong Kong, Beijing Branch Office of the Associated Press, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Like many other intellectuals of his generation, Liu endured the harshest period of the Cultural Revolution. Liu's works present a haunting portrayal of promising young people who were inducted to Mao's army, wanton with potential and individual ambition. 

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