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Lim Tze Peng
BD Red Toreador IV

Ink on Paper
100 x 100cm


Lim paints a Toreador, a flower known for its vibrant colouring. The vivid red embodies the bold, defiant characteristics of the flower, which blooms in adversity with such vitality and energy. With toreador being another term for a bullfighter, the vibrant colour also alludes to the iconic red capes worn by such individuals. Lim Tze Peng executes free and spirited strokes of pastel yellow and blue behind the flowers, replicating the direction of sunlight shining on the flowers, with yellow representing the light and blue, the shadows. The pastel shades of the background soften the richness and intensity of the red, with the colours complementing each other and creating visual harmony and balance.

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