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Lim Tze Peng
BD 涼州詞 出塞 - 王之渙 (Song of Liangzhou by Wang Zhihuan)

Ink on Paper
100 x 100cm


唐朝王之涣的《凉州词》 This is an extraction from the poem 《凉州词》by Tang Dynasty Poet Wang Zhi Huan. It is a vivid description of the vast but desolate Liang Zhou District of Wu Wei City. The Poet conveys the feelings of the border guards who yearns to be back in their hometown but they keep their morals high without feeling depressed or dejected. The full poem reads: 黄河远上白云间,一片孤城万仞山。 羌笛何须怨杨柳,春风不度玉门关。

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