Takeuchi Kozo

modern remains petal
, 22 x 20 x 22 cm

USD 1,500 – 2,100


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About the artwork

Takeuchi Kozo displays his artistic command through his ability to create ephemeral dynamic beauty through solid forms. Despite the use of porcelain, the sculpture has an aura of weightlessness and delicacy, reflective of the nature of petals. This is reinforced by its clean white colouring, which denotes a sense of purity. Through the delicacy of form, Takeuchi explores the pathos of the repetitive creation and destruction of the physical world, that has occured throughout the history of humankind

About the artist

Kouzo Takeuchi is a ceramicist working on the cutting edge of creative porcelain design. Using architectural forms to explore the theme of decay, Takeuchi creates pieces of art which are wholly unique and speak to the passage of time. Takeuchi‚Äôs work is characterized by complex geometrical patterns consisting of square tubed porcelain fused together in a kiln. After firing and glazing, Takeuchi strategically chips away at the sculptures with a hammer. The effect of this process evokes the feeling of looking at ancient ruins. But, according to Takeuchi, the clean white geometric patterns of his creations are meant to represent the architecture of today, prodding the viewer to consider that what exists now will one day be in ruins. 

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