Yayoi Kusama

Spirit Of Butterfly , 1975
, 79.5 x 54.8 cm

USD 241,500 – 345,000

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About the artwork

This work is accompanied by a registration card issued by the Yayoi Kusama Studio. Signed in English and dated 1975; signed in English, titled (with an accompanied poem written) in Japanese and dated 1975 on the reverse, framed Poem written on the reverse reads: Yayoi Kusama After being burnt (cremated), I became just bones. Oh butterfly, take me to _ To the kingdom of the dream of death that I long for After the suffering of time in my life Leaving the wound of that person’s world in the desolated mountain and river country. Butterflies or ‘Choho’ are a highly symbolic creature in Japanese culture. Perceived to be the a ‘soul of the living and the dead’, a popular belief is that spirits of the dead take the form of a butterfly when on their journey to the other world and eternal life. This captivating work depicts the side profile of a woman facing the left side of the canvas, rendered in a highly stylized form, while perched on her head are an array of magnificent butterflies. A highly symbolic piece, it can be interpreted as a depiction of the journey of a woman, who is leaving behind her pain and sorrow in the mortal world, and following the gentle butterflies to a place of everlasting peace and tranquility. // ink, gouache and collage on paper 79.5 by 54.8 cm.; 31¼ by 21½ in

About the artist

Yayoi Kusama was born 1929, in Matsumoto City and began painting at the age of 10, as a means of escaping a childhood of neglect and expressing her early experiences with hallucinogenic visions. She is best known for her works best known for her works featuring repeating motifs and psychedelic imagery that evoke themes of psychology, feminism, obsession, sex, creation, destruction, and intense self-reflection.

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