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Chua Ek Kay
Chinese Ink Painting

Rice Paper
46 x 46cm


Marie - 23/9

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  • +Artist Bio

    An artist who has been hailed as the bridge between Asian and Western art, Chua Ek Kay (b. 1947, China - d. 8 February 2008, Singapore) was the first Chinese ink painter to win the United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Award (1991). Chua trained under master ink painter Fang Chang Tien of the Shanghai School but later developed a keen interest in Western art. He received the Cultural Medallion Award in 1999. Prominent in Chua's paintings is the blend of traditional Chinese art forms and Western theories and techniques. Several of Chua's paintings have adorned the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), which occupies the third storey of the Istana Annexe. Chua's family came to Singapore in the 1950s and lived in Liang Seah Street. This area has a deep influence in his work for he has made street scenes and old shophouses a regular subject of his paintings. In fact, for the United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Award that he won in 1991, his winning piece was entitled, "My Haunt", a brush painting of old buildings in Liang Seah Street. This accolade made him the first Chinese ink painter to have won the award in its ten-year run then. Chua's fascination for old shophouses lies in the architectural beauty that he claims does not fade with time. Read More

  • +Exhibitions


    Chua Ek Kay's Street Scenes: a gift of history, Singapore Management University, Singapore


    Chua Ek Kay @ Art Forum, Singapore


    Yixi: Recent Paintings by Chua Ek Kay Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museu, China


    Being & Becoming: The Lotus Pong Series, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore


    Timeless Space, Damask Asia, London, United Kingdom


    Street Scenes Revisited, Soobin Gallery, Singapore


    Lyrical Spaces, Wetterling Teo Gallery, Singapore

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