Nemo Jantzen

Lush, 2015
Mixed Medium on Wood, 114 x 114 cm

USD 7,500 – 10,800

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About the artwork

The interplay of colours and images that are contained in each of the glass spheres that form this work are resplendent and intriguing on their own, and contribute depth to the overall portrait. Viewed from afar, the image is a lush expanse of suggestion - the woman’s cryptic gaze is beguiling, while upon closer inspection, Jantzen generates a captivating narrative with the assembled mosaic, that explores the notion of surveillance that is increasingly prevalent in modern societies. Each node forms a connection, taking the viewer on a wondrous exploration of multiple environments while making a striking social statement.

About the artist

Nemo Jantzen is a Dutch artist who lives and works in New York and Spain. He has held international exhibitions in Spain, Holland and the United States and been presented at international art fairs in London, Paris and Amsterdam. His work consistently explores the dialogue of narrative tropes in an image-soaked contemporary environment, addressing issues of privacy, voyeurism, intimacy and beauty. 

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