Nemo Jantzen

Come In Closer
Mixed Media on Wood, 125 x 12.8 x 125 cm

USD 7,500 – 10,700


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About the artwork

The alluring gaze of a woman visible in this work which beckons you closer, creating a sense of intimacy, while the process of examining the piece is one of searching opportunism. Upon closer glance each sphere holds a standalone image, contributing to an intricately-woven story specific to Jantzen and each viewer. Through his art Jantzen explores the notion of privacy in a modern and increasingly interconnected age, in which man seeks to know all and seek all. Through its unique form the work is shared, creating inviting the viewer to engage with it, and projecting one into far-flung expanses of time to plumb the depths of your imagination.

About the artist

Nemo Jantzen is a Dutch artist who lives and works in New York and Spain. He has held international exhibitions in Spain, Holland and the United States and been presented at international art fairs in London, Paris and Amsterdam. His work consistently explores the dialogue of narrative tropes in an image-soaked contemporary environment, addressing issues of privacy, voyeurism, intimacy and beauty. 

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