Beautiful Mystery
Mixed Medium on Canvas, 100 x 150 cm

USD 3,800

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About the artwork

In this painting the artist uses the frame in frame composition to bring the viewer’s attention to the splendid flowers. Their vibrant yellow colouring contrasts the muted grey in the background, while the distinct curved line that separates the shades of grey creates a peaceful visual rhythm that heightens the sense of tranquility and calm. The long winding stems of the flowers transcend the boundary of the various frames, and are mesmerizingly ethereal. Debongie’s masterful techniques and arrangement highlight his skill as an artist, as well as his ability to balance Eastern and Western influences in his floral presentations.

About the artist

Jean-Francois Debongnie, born 1968, is a native of Brussels, Belgium and has spent close to two decades in Asia. Since 1989, Jean-Francois has been residing in Singapore and initially eked out his living as a photographer, specializing in black and white photography. However, painting has always been a first love for him. The art of Jean-Francois Debongnie, like the man himself, bridges two worlds. His works explore flowers in various forms of representation, simply because he finds flowers a fascinating subject to explore. He started out with representational flowers and evolved them into more abstract representations. Throughout the evolution of the floral representations, their overall impression has been one of movement where the fluid stems of the flowers give the impression that the flowers are dancing on the canvas in a celebration of life. His works are at once vibrant and contemporary, with a cosmopolitan feel that would enliven any living space. It's all just playing with water and ink - Jean-Francois modestly professes, but of course it's a lot more than just that. His paintings are all about subtleties - he has painted the same theme over and over again and it is in the subtle nuances that his art lies.



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