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Zhu Hong
Heritage Selegie Singapore

Oil on Canvas
90 x 70cm

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Both picturesque and nostalgic, Hong’s simplistic snippet of a shop house in a Little India is a painterly encapsulation of the essence of the cultural hub. Bathed in sunlight and showing imagery of commonplace happenings, the artist gathers his intuitive strokes into architectural lines, sloping awnings, transient lighting and the motions of every day dwellers.

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    Born in China and having graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture, Zhu Hong started his career as an interior and events designer and has been living in Singapore for the past 16 years. Over the last decade, he has established himself as a significant watercolor artist and more recently, a digital artist via his touchscreen mobile phone. With a signature style of free-flowing strokes and watery color gradiations, the artist has exhibited in several solo exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore and has published three volumes of art books showcasing his work: Have Phone Will Paint (2013), Portraits of Singapore (2013) and Crossroads (2006)).

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