Park Tae Dong





About The Artist

To invoke the senses, to probe sensibilities, to encapsulate the nature of man - Park Tae Dong endeavors to bring to life the cherished recesses of human desire. Inspired by the transition of a stone into the representation of priceless enshrinement, the artist brings forth his muse as a symbol of all that is precious - a symbol of the journey and will of man; he brings to us, the timeless gemstone. Born in 1961 in Seoul, Korea, Park Tae Dong completed his Bachelor in Fine Art in 1988, and his Masters in Fine Art in 1991 from Seoul National University. 

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A philosopher at heart, the artist has always held a fascination for the pursuits of human beings and tried to translate their intangible processes into aesthetic material objects. Fascinated by the properties of gemstones, their humble beginnings and the unprecedented value that they have held over the ages, he found in them his artistic muse that would drive him for the years to come. Representative of the human spirit and all that it holds dear, Park Tae Dong’s unusual subjects add instant elegance and a primitive awe to their surroundings. Having gathered much acclaim, the artist’s works have been widely exhibited and are part of many prestigious collections - both private and public.

Artist Statement

“I have been deeply interested in the sensibilities connected to the will of man and how to transform them into matter. Interpreting matter to combine materials with the character of things magnetizes me to the attentions of space. Like this, matter and space have both resided in me, both in interest and context, as well as in my art. In recent years, my interests in ‘valuables’ has grown more; namely the precious, the cherished. Pausing to rest from my trek to the mountainside, I pick up an ebony pebble to touch and hold it. Later, I find it in my trouser pocket scrubbed well to smoothly reflect light. It refuses to be at my disposal now. I commence to name it gem, or gemstone.”

Selected Award & Fellowship and Collections

1997 Vermont Studio Center Program Awards, Grand Prize
1993 Korean Grand Prize Exhibition, Superior Prize
1993 Joong-Ang Art Festival, Special Prize
1992 Korean Grand Prize Exhibition, Superior Prize
1991 Seoul Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Special Prize
1991 Korean Grand Prize Exhibition, Special Prize
1990 Seoul Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Special Prize



2012 - 2011 
'Goldy Garden', Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Art Center, ISF Sculpture Festa

'Gemstone'-Drawings & Sculpture, Jong-ro Gallery, Seoul

'The Scene', Noam Gallery, Seoul

'Soaring Thought', JuYong Gallery, Seoul

'Talk to Iron', SeYon Museum of IRON, Choongbook, Korea

'A Journey', THO Art Space, Seoul


Various Artists
A Scene From A Memory

A Scene From A Memory is a group exhibition featuring the works of sixteen Korean artists including Jung Kwang Sik , Park Seung Mo

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