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About The Artist

Choi Young Wook was born in Seoul and studied Fine Art at the Hong Ik University, graduating with both Bachelors and Masters in Fine Arts. Choi has had more than 20 solo and group exhibitions and has been part of numerous art fairs globally. His works have been collected by international art galleries and institutions. One of his most outstanding collections is entitled Karma. Choi fills the canvas, making it seem as though the jar is a full moon from far away, hence naming the painting the Moon Jar. The roundness of form is captured, creating a sense of calmness and sophistication for the audience. Although the moon jars may seem simple, Choi deliberately added in old and faded cracks on the surface to elaborate upon the cherished memories of our relationships and at the same time, express his artistic sensibility. Choi says that pottery is our life story and is far more than just a bowl or physical object. To Choi, his paintings connect to what seems to be a universal image as he hopes to deliver what is perceived as the image of human beings in general. Therefore, the artist urges the viewers to observe his work silently and let one explore the inner realm that is triggered. The process of this viewing is simply a process of reflecting upon and searching for oneself.

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Artist Statement
Images of Memory
My work visualises memories into images and these become a medium of communication. Memories are composed of specific images and it is through images that memories present themselves. Based on what is within the boundary of perceptions and experiences (memories), certain intentions are tested, emotions are expressed and subjects, materials and colour tones are selected; these make up certain images. As a result, the images I portrayed are the recollections and stories of my life. I am unfolding the stories of my life through my work. 
However, those looking at my painting would draw their own stories and memories from it. In this way, my own memories are linked to others, and from this connection, the universal images of human beings are derived. My life is ultimately composed from a relationship with others, thus it can be said that my work delivers the images of human beings in general. Therefore, the viewing of my work is to silently explore the inside of me and simultaneously the inner realm of the viewer.
It is the process of reflecting on oneself, while searching for oneself. In the course of trying to discover the self, the self becomes aware of the relationship with the others, bringing about a sense of communication. 

My work mediates this communication. The communication does not happen simply by language of the present. What mediates between the past and the present, and connects myself (me) to others (you) are the very images of the memories which I have depicted. The image of the moon-jar in my work is not merely a vessel. I have chosen the image of the moon-jar as the medium of communication. Have you ever silently approached the moon-jar? It does not say much, yet holds much inside. It looks irresistibly simple, yet intensely sophisticated. Looking at this creature whilst I am deaf and oblivious to the whole world, it has already come into me and become a part of myself. It is telling me how I am supposed to live and what is the right way to live. 

People know me as the artist who drew the moon-jar. But, I am not just drawing the moon-jar, I am telling you my own story – my aspiration to want to live like the moon-jar.
My own stories of life are unravelled in it, and at the same time, the universal attributes of humans are contained within it. The work ‘Karma’ has a focal meaning in the drawing of lines. The lines are not realistic representations of hairline cracks on the surface of porcelain. They are the paths upon our life journey. Those lines I depict continue yet split, they meet again at some point, and separate: we are alike yet arguably different, and we can be unified into one despite these differences. Constraints, happiness, sorrow, laughter and tears are all within the territory of Fate that transcends the human will… a kind of force that ultimately envelops all of these mortal confinements. 
The moon-jar’s shape and colour tones are unaffected and simple, and it is akin to ‘cheuk-eun-ji-shim (惻隱之心)’, a traditional reference meaning the natural sympathy or compassion that comes from the bottom of one’s heart. Aren’t we all born with inherent goodness? 
As such, the moon-jar refers to the images of my life's recollections and contains a common narration of human life. In other words, it is my moon-jar and it belongs to me. I imbued personal memories into it, which transferred into our collective memories from a simple ordinary subject. A multitude of lines and traces are cryptic messages going beyond time and space, and we decipher the code by groping in the dark of the realm of remembrance. Look at my painting, step inside of the work, and recall one of your own memories.There in the painting, exists a human with a good heart.
You can start your own exploration of life’s timeless stories. There, we will meet. In the end, the stories of my life will be shared with, and be one with you.



Selected Solo Exhibitions

22th Solo Exhibition (Art issue projects.Taipei City. Taiwan)
21th Solo Exhibition (Seojoungwook Gallery. Seoul.Korea) 
20th Solo Exhibition (Sun Contemporary. Seoul.Korea)
19th Solo Exhibition (Lotte Gallery.Busan. Korea)

18th Solo Exhibition (Mugaksa. Gwangju. Korea)
17th Solo Exhibition (IAAF World Championships 2011 VIP room. Daegu.Korea)
16th Solo Exhibition (Jun Gallery. Daegu. Korea)
15th Solo Exhibition (Versace aki. Seoul. Korea)
14th Solo Exhibition (Gaga Gallery. Seoul. Korea)

13th Solo Exhibition (Yegam Gallery. New York. NY. USA )
12th Solo Exhibition (Gaga Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
11th Solo Exhibition (Gong Gallery. Seoul. Korea)

10th Solo Exhibition (ArtGate Gallery. New York. NY. USA)

9th Solo Exhibition  (Woori Bank Kang Nam Gallery. Soop Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
8th Solo Exhibition  (ANNEX Convention Center. Fukuoka. Japan)

7th Solo Exhibition  (ONO Gallery. Tokyo. Japan)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012 Hong-Ik International art Exhibition- alumnus exhibition (Hong Ik University.Seoul.Korea)
Korea contemporary art exhibition (gallery sup. Seoul.Korea)
Friends, Trough the Years (JJ Joong Jung gallery.Seoul.Korea)
Korean Zone – Mind shadowing into Things (MIA gallery.Beijing,China) 
Studio Akka Group Exhibition (Studio Akka. Milano. Italia)
Ilwoo Space Group Exhibition (Ilwoo Space. Seoul Korea)
Reality Equals Dream (Art On Gallery. Singapore) 
Korean and Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition (Jigudang Gallery. Tokyo. Japan)
Korean and Bulgarian Exchange Exhibition (Sofia Municipal Gallery of Art. Bulgaria)
Exhibition Celebrating the Opening of Jungang Newspaper Branch. sponsored by Origin Painting Association (LA Jungang Newspaper Gallery. LA. USA)
Metro Group Exhibition (In Sa Art Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
Treasures From The Mythology (Yegam Gallery. N.Y. USA)
Maum Group Exhibition (NY. USA)
Suwon University Museum of Art (Suwon. Korea)
*The Artist has participated in over 100 group exhibitions


2011 MUDO SATIS MAGAZALARI A.S. (Istanbul, Turkey) 
2012 Blue Dot (Chilgok-gun.Gyeongsangbuk-do. Korea)
España Monarchy (Spain)
Luxembourg Monarchy (Luxembourg)
JEI Education (Seoul, Korea)
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Seattle, USA)
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia, USA)
Loreal Korea (Seoul, Korea)
Komferry Asia (Seoul, Korea)
LG, U Plus (Seoul, Korea)
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea (Gwacheon, Korea) 
Korea Herald (Seoul, Korea)
Suwon University (Suwon, Korea)
Korean Air (Seoul, Korea)

Art Fairs

2012 Miami Art Fair (Miami. USA)
2012 Doors Art Fair (Seoul, Korea)
2012 KIAF (Seoul, Korea)
2012 Art Kwangju (Kwangju, Korea)
2012 Kunst Art Fair (Bolzano, Italy)
2012 KIAF (New York, USA)
2011 Cologne Art Fair (Cologne, Germany)
2011 Miami Art Fair (Miami, USA)
2011 Doors Art Fair (Seoul, Korea)
2011 Kwangju Art Fair (Kwangju, Korea)
2011 Singapore art fair (Singapore)
2011 KIAF art Fair (Seoul. Korea)
2011 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Fair Hyatt (Seoul. Korea)
2011 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair (Hong Kong)
2011 New York Scop Art Fair (USA)
2011 New York Red Dot Art Fair (USA)
2011 Daegu Art Fair (Daegu. Korea)
2011 Miami Scop Art Fair (USA)
2010 LA Art Fair (USA)
2007 Kyeung Hyang Art Fair (Kyeng Ki. Korea)
2007 ANNEX Convention Center (Fukuoka. Japan)
2004 KIAF art fair (Seoul. Korea)

Member Of:

A Member of Korea Fine Art Association
A Member of Kang Nam Art Association 
A Member of Origin Art Association


"A Scene from A Memory: A Group Exhibition" featuring 16 Korean Artists at Ode to Art Contemporary
Various Artists
A Scene From A Memory -- "A Scene from a Memory" is set to be an unforgettable stamp of the Korean contemporary art scene in Singapore. With a roster of 16 internationally exhibited artists who have redefined the concept of scenery in their individual styles, the exhibition will showcase a unique, unexpected, and pleasantly surprising array of artworks that will transform how the audience perceive nature and their surroundings. From Jung Kwang Sik's aerial view of landscape carved on black granite to Lee Lee Nam's moving paintings on LED screens, and from Park Seung Mo's clever layering of individually cut steel mesh to Bahk Seon Ghi's floating charcoal pieces, the exhibition seeks to explore the boundless representations of sceneries and the objects that constitute them. In the end, it is when the viewer interacts with the scenery that the real representation begins. Date: 9 -- 15 May 2013 Artists: Bahk Seon Ghi, Cheong Kwang Ho, Choi Young Wook, Jung Kwang Sik, Kim Jong Hak, Kim Joon, Kong Sung Hoon, Lee Jae Hyo, Lee Hee Joong, Lee Jae Sam, Lee Lee Nam, Park Seung Mo, Park Sung Tae, Son Bong Chae, Yoo Bong Sang, Yoo Seung Ho