Luis Santos


About The Artist

Luis Santos experiments with the photorealistic painting of specimens and his works quietly creep into human consciousness to unnerve and unsettle. Amidst his repeated subject matter are the motifs of skulls - both human and animal. These are produced with scientific accuracy against wooden panels or a monochrome background from models of skulls, relating to the medical dissection process. With a methodical build-up of illusion in painting, he explores the themes of death, meaning and the essence of existence in certain ambivalent and metaphysical directions. Santos has been exhibiting in solo shows in the Philippines since 2010 - the first named Modular/Variations zoomed in on traumatized human skulls that bore marks of illness or injury. In his recent one-man show in Manila, Then It Happened (2012), ten portraits of art world friends, mentors and relatives surrounded the viewer. While their clothes stood out and were depicted clearly, their faces were blurry and paradoxically frozen in a whirl of movement. The community of people depicted were familiar enough to many viewers, but stood apart in their strangeness and elusiveness as neither corpse nor ghost.


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Culturally diverse, The Philippines is about a complex mix of identities which have been significantly influenced by hundreds of years of colonial rule under Spain followed by almost fifty years under the United States of America.