Paul Mondok


About The Artist

The makeshift and quizzical works of Paul Mondok often have their anomalies augmented within the space of exhibition, charging them with a sense of anticipation. His sculptural assemblages are developed intuitively and imaginatively, from objects and situations that the artist comes across in daily life without much deliberate intent - in which he senses meanings both personal and inconsequential; and by playfully combining things in order to more broadly evoke the absurdities and contradictions of what we define as reality.  His recent two-man show at Mo_Space, Manila in 2012 added works to his practice that included "Peculiar Equations," "Totally Unlikely Narratives," "As-if-landed-in-the-place-it-is-in-presently" and "Burrows to The Unknown". Mondok earned a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines. He has been exhibiting since 1998 in alternative art spaces (Big Sky Mind, Future Prospects, Green Papaya Art Projects) and other exhibition spaces that ponder contemporary art practice and formats. Selected group shows include "The Topology of Signs"(Cultural Center of the Philippines, 1999), "Shoot Me: Photography Now" (Mo_Space, 2007) and "Room 307: Inkling, Gut Feel and Hunch" (National Museum, 2008). His works have also been featured in venues such as The Philippine Center, New York, and Osage Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.     


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Culturally diverse, The Philippines is about a complex mix of identities which have been significantly influenced by hundreds of years of colonial rule under Spain followed by almost fifty years under the United States of America.