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 Pie was born in France in 1973, and, growing up in the region of Cannes, discovered his passion for art at an early age. He is an artist who is inspired by the world around him, by society, pop culture, iconic superheroes, luxury brands, political news and much more. With a diverse background as an engineer and entrepreneur, Pie is naturally highly experimental in his artistic exploration. This is reflected in his unique technique, as he mixes mediums and materials such as sketching, painting, aluminum, digital technology and resin to create captivating urban masterpieces that feature vibrant colour palettes and electrifying forms.  

The precision and the technicality of his works stemming from his engineering past comes stunningly contrasts the sense of spirited energy and dynamism conveyed by the colored resins of his dynamic works. To appreciate the nuanced yet contemporary artistic vision of Pie, one must literally dive into his works, which develop inwards like a dive into an abyss.

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