Wei Liang



乱 Chaos

L4 看不见的牢笼 Invisible cage


About The Artist

Wei Liang's artistic creations exist as a multi-angled examination of humanity. his concepts are built around the relationship between the origins of life, socio-political science and human religion. Extracting the pieces of material information from cultural elements of modern society, Wei Liang captures the instances of ethical and moral corruption through his metaphor of the ape, in reference to the "low-life" behavior of individuals in our interconnected society.  

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With the multitude of apes in his work, Wei Liang satirises the false networks of information and the extent of their spread and influence over the public. Often times, his baboons are pressed up against one another, packed close and tight, sometimes looking at each other, hyperaware of each other’s presence and motivations. They carry a sense of enigmatic unease, perhaps one that may seem exaggerated and comical. But Wei Liang has carried out a cross-examination of the relationship between humane civilisation and humanity, where the "low-end" of human civilization in the context of biology and sociology is represented by the motif of the ape, The Baboons are untrusting, cynical and wary because they live in fear of one another, and now struggle with the sheer amount of pressure that comes from living within such ‘close proximity’ of one another, both literally and metaphorically.  

He tempts traditional aesthetics with black humor and his wild colour schemes, confronting the coming post-tech era and creating tongue-in-cheek commentary about the information overload and spread of untruths in our increasingly globalised environment because of things like social media and the internets.   Weiliang's Babooons are stark, brilliant and enigmatic, showcasing a litany of emotional expressions as they populate the canvas. Their facial expressions are highly evocative and lively, complementing the wild colour choice and expressive impasto work of the artist.
Weiliang's use of colour is a notable feature in the his work. With cool blue shades against the harshness of their red faces and golden eyes, these intuitive and intelligent creatures help the artist create a painting arguably filled with dynamic zest and a striking, alluring quality.  

Born in Harbin, China, 1990  
2018 Master of Contemporary Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London  
Currently working and living in Hangzhou
Central Saint Martins; London University of the Arts Exhibition 2018