Huang Ming



About The Artist

Huang Ming was born in January 1963 in Huangshi of Hubei province, he graduated from the Oil Painting department of China Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. He is currently a Professor in University of HangZhou under the Fine Arts Department. He is also a tutor to Master Degree Graduate Students and the Vice Director of Zhejiang Province Oil-Painting Artists' Association. 



Major Exhibitions and Awards:

1990 -  the Second National Sports Fine Arts Exhibition, a bronze medal of the First Competition of Chinese Elite Oil-painting 
1994 - the Second Chinese National Oil--painting Exhibition, award of excellent work of the Eighth Chinese National Fine Arts Exhibition
1997 - Heading for the New Century--Chinese Youth Oil-Painting Exhibition
1999 -  award of excellent work of the Ninth Chinese National Fine Arts Exhibition 
2004 - award of excellent work of the Tenth Chinese National Fine Arts Exhibition 
2005 - Nature and Human—the Second Contemporary Chinese Ink and Oil Painting of Landscape Exhibition, History of River—the Chinese Oil Painting Retrospective Exhibition in New Era
2006 -  the Masters of Zhejiang Province Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition

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