Darma Lungit


About The Artist

Born in Semarang in 1970, Darma chose to be a painter early on in his life. Almost all of his skills were developed from experiencing painting as a fun and challenging activity. Mostly self-taught, he later went on to receive structured learning from a few masters around Semarang.

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Initially, his subjects of choice were figure painting, landscape, flora and fauna. As his artistic creativity progressed, he developed a unique style of depicting wild flowers. Spontaneous impressions as well as the passion for beauty and freedom are his main sources of inspiration. However, before creating an artwork, he would carefully consider composition, color, and perspective.

Darma Lungit's paintings embody emotions and powerful dimensions serve to warm the hearts of viewers. He has had a number of sold-out exhibitions and events and his spectacular paintings are widely collected in Asia.



1998 - 2012
Ancol Art Festival, Jakarta 

2009 - 2012
Pasar Seni lukis Indonesia Surabaya 

Pasar Seni ITB Bandung
Sultan Hotel. Jakarta 
Galeri Seni Rupa Jawa Tengah, Solo
JCC, Jakarta
FX Style, Jakarta 
Ungaran Square

JCC, Jakarta

Grand Opening, MURI Gallery, Magelang 
Pasar Raya Sri Ratu, Semarang

Gedung DPRD Ungaran

Gedung Lawang Sewu, Semarang

Pameran Bersama Wasesa Salatiga

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