Aan Arif


About The Artist

Aaan Arif Rahmanto was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 21 April 1973.  He attended the Senior High School of Fine Arts and furthered his education at the Indonesian Institute of Art at Yogyakarta. After 2010, the artistic community started to pay special attention to his works as he came to be considered one of the rising stars of the Indonesian art scene. Arif's paintings are characterised by a technique that effortlessly combines realism and expressionism. While he depicts the people and experiences of everyday life in a realistic fashion, his style is distinctively expressionistic, featuring wiped brush strokes on textured surfaces and producing a blurry effect that alludes to motion and flux. With this technique, Arif creates a 'still-in-motion' look that brings his figures to life and leads to the impression of moving memories.

Throughout the last two years, Aan Arif has sought to encapsulate the constant movement of people and objects around us as we irretrievably pass from one moment to the next. From cyclists to basketball players to the iconic faces of Marilyn Monroe, Pippa Middleton and Sukarno (former president of Indonesia), Arif's subject matter represents individual people and events that remain fresh in the public consciousness. As he paints these memorable figures, Arif demonstrates how the image of a particular character dwells between the public and the private. As a painter, he envisions himself in a position where he represents the individual consciousness of these famous people, searching for the relationship between truth and the images offered by popular media.


Various Artists
Figures of Speech

Fear, fury, agony, love and joy are all subconsciously conveyed through a chorus of postures, gestures, behavior and facial expressions all interdependent and coming together at once to create a silent orchestra of speech.

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